About Attorney Naumann

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Dorothy Naumann grew up in Gales Ferry, CT and graduated from Penn State in 2004 with a Criminal Justice major and a Psychology minor.  In 2007 she graduated from New England School of Law – Boston and relocated to Vero Beach where she worked diligently as an Assistant Public Defender.

Ms. Naumann has handled criminal litigation since 2007, including several First-Degree Murder cases, high profile cases and Death Penalty cases.  She won acquittal in two First-Degree Murder cases (2022 Sherman Shelly; 2012 Gilberto Galvez).

Dorothy Naumann is the Chapter Representative for Indian River County, FL Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and is highly respected by her peers.  As a criminal lawyer, she has always represented people with a high degree of compassion and care.  Among people she has represented, she is well known as an excellent lawyer who really fights for you. She knows that the case you are facing is impacting your career, your family, and your freedom.

photo- criminal defense lawyer for Vero Beach, FL Dorothy Naumann outside courthouse

In ms. naumann’s words:

“You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a lawyer to represent you in a criminal case. How do you know you have a good lawyer? I want to give you some insight into why you should choose me.”


“I am not the oldest by age of the options available, but when it comes to experience in the courtroom I have some of the most seniority. In my 16 years as Assistant Public Defender I conducted countless court hearings, litigation, and 108 jury trials. I have been trying big cases–where the client is facing life in prison–for over 10 years. I’ve won two First Degree Murder Trials in my career; rather than spending the rest of their lives in prison with a mandatory life sentence for killing someone, my clients walked completely free. Many lawyers have never had a trial for First Degree Murder, let alone had their client acquitted. There is a requirement that a Grand Jury hands down an indictment in First Degree Murder cases. The cases are highly intense emotionally and I have a solid grasp of forensic evidence and criminal procedure.

I had a short internship when I was still in law school at a prosecutor’s office up north in New London, CT and honestly hated it. It felt wrong to me to be working toward incarcerating people. From a moral standpoint I am very comfortable on the defense side of the courtroom. And so I have dedicated my entire career to criminal defense.

In my career as a defense attorney I have represented thousands of people and handled thousands of cases–from DUI to Death Penalty and everything in between. I surely will have handled a case like yours, many times. I have established a positive working relationship with all the other players in the court system–the judges, the prosecutors, the law enforcement officers, probation officers, clerks, etc. This helps you–it’s best to have someone who knows the other parties involved in your case and who is already respected by them.”


“I have a lot of compassion, naturally able to put myself in other people’s shoes. This helps in the courtroom. I can look at my client and empathize with their life story, I can convey it in an effective manner to the court in order to get their true identity seen. One thing I learned in handling death penalty cases–people cannot be defined by their one worst decision in life. No one is perfect, everyone has flaws. The positive aspects of a person are so important to emphasize to the prosecutors or to the Judges, and I am good at spotting those attributes in my clients.

  • I want to win.
  • I want to see someone get another chance in life.
  • I want my clients to succeed.

It means the world to me to have someone I’ve represented in the past come see me, tell me they are doing well and thank me for the efforts that I made on their behalf, that it wasn’t in vain, that they are living their best life, working hard and fulfilling their dreams. This is what I want for all my clients.”

Your freedom is worth fighting for.

You have many choices when it comes to deciding who to represent you.  Choosing Dorothy Naumann as your criminal defense lawyer means you have someone who knows exactly what to do and cares deeply about you and your freedom.