Battery Charges Dropped

Criminal Defense Attorney Dorothy Naumann of Vero Beach, FL recently won a case before it was even argued! She was able to persuade the prosecutor in a battery case to file a “No Information” to the case before the arraignment date. This, in effect, is the dropping of the charge before it was ever even pursued in the first place.

This was a case that demonstrates very clearly the value of getting a criminal defense attorney to help you with your case early on. Dorothy Naumann was able to pull many records from past encounters with law enforcement that showed a much different side of the story, and in the end the State of FL was able to make the right call and decided not to even press charges.

The client did not even have to come to court at all for this case. No missing work, no taking time out of his schedule, no stress that comes with having to go into the courthouse.

It was a rewarding victory and Dorothy Naumann was glad to help shine light on the truth of the situation.